About me

Jonathan was born in 1973 and started drawing cartoons and caricatures from a very young age. 

At the Art Center of Tucson he studied TV Production and Computer Animation where his interest in cartoons and caricatures landed him several jobs working as an independent caricaturist. After graduating and moving to the east coast to work; his direction would change forever after 9-11. He would have to move back to Tennessee to work but never once did he stop working as an caricature artist.

Although life situations happened and getting married to the love of his life, and having 4 children would slow down the process some; he never stopped drawing. His wife and children gave him more inspiration to continue to work and ignited his passion to draw even more. 

Since 2001 he has worked as a freelance caricaturist and his work has appeared in many of the barber and beauty establishments and businesses around the Greater Memphis Area, Las Vegas, and New York.His work has been used in Celebrity Golf Tournaments Events in Florida, Las Vegas and  New York while amazing new clients abroad.

He has built and continues to build a solid client list of individuals all across the country desiring his work. He has sold his pieces to several celebrity clients and even has had his work featured at the Soul Train Awards.

He has also worked for many corporate clients as a live caricaturist in Tucson and Memphis.