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AMAZING!!!  ~ Vivian Brown 

 You did that Jonathan Pierce. Beautiful.  ~ Tequila Grant

 Simply Beautiful!!!! #Loveit!  ~ April MsNubyian Hunter

 Absolutely beautiful!!! ~ Agape Marcinotconformedtothisworld

 Dope!!! Love your work! #theinkdrrules  ~ Dellguan Coleman

 Yes sir!!!! Lmao..... ~ Mar'quis Frazier

 Awesome work! I'm a true fan of your art. ~ Kanin White

 O.MG. I love it  ~ Latonya Askew-Bullard

Disney should be calling you! Nice!! ~ Sonya Maize Abrams 

Your very Good! Love your work! ~ James Bulloch Jr. 

Very talented Jonathan Pierce ~ Chanette Kizer Crawford 

 This is very nice  ~ Kandice Dortch Mba


 Very nice! ~ Ellis Anthony

 Wow very nice JP!  ~ Josh Perkins


 That's tight there  Jonathan Pierce 5☆☆☆☆☆  ~

Christopher Oldman Brinson

Jonathan you cold blooded in the arts dude!! ~ Nunnally Marcus 

 Awesome work ~ LeSean Heru

 Love this portrait!! Sexy as hell 💦💦😎  ~Farris Splashgangbentley Jackson

 Fy Fy Fy! Love it!!!!!!! ~ Justin Pierce

Good likeness! I really love your work!! ~ LaRuth Lofties 

YES!!!! This is simply beautiful! ~ Tiki Johnson 

You do great work  ~  Ericka Dixon 

Man your work is amazing!!! My girl loves!! - Chris

O.M.G. you have really painted her cute!! -April

That's me DAWG!!! -Kanin

Anthony Anderson Endorsement.jpg

Yeeeeeessss!!!! -Anthony Anderson

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